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We have been closely monitoring COVID-19 updates and adhering to the guidelines that are set by the National Health Organization and WHO. Along with the Government directions we are preparing to safely reopen and accept guests with thorough precautionary standards set in place, to ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming environment!

Cleanliness and hygiene standards are of high importance and we have implemented additional measures that meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning, to ensure the safety of our guests and team daily. We are using cleaning & environmentally friendly products and protocols that are effective against viruses. We are conducting enhanced training and coronavirus awareness, updating our team in response to the new standards COVID -19 has set for our wellbeing, onwards.

Below are some of our operational guidelines that are now standard practice for all of our excursions / tours and cruises.

Personal safety: Providing operators with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and personal protective equipment.

Environmental Hygiene: Every bus and van is cleaned and disinfected daily, before and at the end of its run. This includes detailing of high-traffic areas aboard the vehicle like handles, rails, straps and seats.

Official Greek Ministry of Tourism – Updates