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Island Guide

Highlights & Beaches of Kefalonia which you can visit

The entire island of Kefalonia is beautiful.
Its topography is amazing and the constant changes of its landscape make the whole island a unique attraction.

In the area of Argostoli, you could visit:

  • “Katavothres”, where an amazing geological phenomenon takes place. With the same opportunity you can also visit the neighboring Lighthouse of “Agioi Theodoroi”
  • “The Bridge” (The stone bridge provides a pedestrian crossing that connects athe sides of the gulf, aged more than 200 y.o.)and the lagoon of “Koutavos”
  • The Archaeological Museum, the Folk Museum and the Library, the Botanical garden, the Garden of Napier.
  • The Castle of St. George (the old capital of the island) with a great history and an amazing view (6 km from Argostoli)
  • The Mycenaean tombs in Mazarakata (6 km from Argostoli)
  • The monastery of St. Gerasimos (patron saint of the island 12 km from Argostoli)
  • The National Park of mount Aenos with the unique black pine trees (35 km. from Argostoli)

The visitor can enjoy swimming at one of the nearby beaches.

  • Makris & Platis Gialos in the Lassi area
  • Ammes
  • AiHelis
  • Avithos
  • Spasmata in the Svoronata area
  • Trapezaki & Lourdas in the Lourdata area

In Poros/Skala and surrounding area one could visit

  • The ancient Mycenaean tomb in Tzanata (2 km. from Poros)
  • The ancient Roman Villa in Skala
  • The pre-earthquake settlement in Old Skala (2 km. from Skala)
  • The church of the Virgin Mary (Fidousa) with the little snakes appear for a few days on the 15th of August which the church celebrates in Markopoulo (12 km. from Skala)

The visitor can enjoy swimming at one of the nearby beaches

  • Skala
  • Katelios
  • Poros
  • Limenia
  • Mounda in the Skala/Poros area

In Sami/Agia Efimia and surrounding area one could visit

  • The famous Underground Lake of “Melissani” (on the outskirts of Karavomylos village just 2 km from Sami)
  • The imposing Cave “Drogarati” (3 km. from Sami to the south)
  • The Acropolis of the Ancient Sami and the ruins of the monastery of “Agioi Fanentes” (3 km from Sami to the east)
  • The famous “Myrtos Beach” (8 km. from Agia. Efimia) for incredible photos

The visitor can enjoy swimming at one of the nearby beaches

  • Myrtos Beach the most famous beach of the island
  • Antisamos beach near Sami (3km to the east)

In Northern Kefalonia one could visit

  • The cosmopolitan Fiscardo a traditional village that survived the devastating earthquake of 1953.
  • The traditional and enchanting village of Assos and its Venetian castle.

The visitor can enjoy swimming at one of the nearby beaches

  • Emplisi
  • Dafnoudi
  • Foki
  • Agia Jerousalem
  • Assos beach

In Lixouri area and the peninsula of Paliki one could visit

  • The Iakovatos Library in the town of Lixouri.
  • The Monastery of Kipouria , at a breathtaking location at the western part of the island. (15 km from Lixouri)
  • The famous “Kounopetra” (14 km from Lixouri)

The visitor can enjoy swimming at one of the nearby beaches

  • Lepeda (3 km from Lixouri)
  • Xi Beach with red sand (11 km from Lixouri)
  • Megas Lakkos (10 km from Lixouri)
  • Petani Beach with the unique beauty (about 18 km from Lixouri)
  • Porto Atheras a picturesque beach about 20 km to the north of Lixouri